Opaque Plastic PET Packing Straps

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    New made SEARO A grade opaque plastic PET strap


    • Application:Machine Packing,Manual Packing
    • Plastic Type:PET,Polyester
    • Weight:Custom made
    • Length:Custom made
    • Color:Green/Black
    • Width/Thickness:9-25mm/0.5-1.2mm
    • Core size:406mm/200mm
    • Surface:Smooth/Embossed
    • Strength:200-1000kg

    Key Features

    We supply a wide range of plastic PET packing straps made of high-density polyethylene terephthalate. Contact us to learn more about how our products can work for you.


    Polyester Strapping are made from high-density polyethylene terephthalate.

    It has become the most important method of unitizing product loaded for transport. polyester strapping offers:


    - Low supply cost

    - Reliable performance

    - It is flexible

    - Can be applied on hand tool and automated equipment

    - Ease of removal

    - Elimination/Reduction of other packaging materials

    - Recycling

    Polyester Strapping Advantages:

    - High strength: tensile strength is strong and twice than the PP band. It is scalability and better ensure the safety of the product.

    - High toughness: plastic properties, has a special flexibility during transport to avoid turbulence caused by scattered objects to ensure safe transport.

    - Safety: no sharp edges strip, neither injury nor damage to the hand when tied objects.  

    - Light weight, small size, recyclable.

    - Cost-efficiency: the length of one ton of polyester strapping is equivalent to six tons of steel belts. The price of polyester strapping is lower per meter so effectively reduce costs.

    - Small elongation:The elongation rate is one sixth of polypropylene (PP) belta so can maintain the tension for long time.


    Advantages of SEARO Packaging Polyester Strap over alternative products are:

    Split Resistance :

    A small nick or cut will not propagate across the width of the strap.

    High Tension :

    SEARO Polyester has a higher retained tension and impact reserve.

    Environmentally Green :

    SEARO Polyester is easy to recycle and nearly impervious to weather conditions.

    Safety :

    PET doesn't have sharp edges, reduces personal injury risk during handling, PET rolls weigh 1/2 that of steel (minimising manual handling risks).

    Weather Resistant :

    PET doesn't rust - no corrosion staining of strapped products!. It is virtually unaffected by weather conditions and is naturally UV resistant.

    Recyclable :

    PET can be recycled!

    Cost Savings :

    Typical steel strap applications converted to SEARO Polyester strap can yield savings of 40-50% over steel costs. Additional savings are frequently realized in labour and other costs associated with using steel strap. Paybacks on equipment and tooling can be quick and the resulting return on investment considerable.


    Our PET strap specification

    As professional PET strap manufacturer, we can do PET strap specification range width 9mm-25mm, thickness 0.5mm-1.2mm, color green, surface smooth and embossed. We do OEM/ODM for our customers with many years.


    Systematic Quality Control

    Offering high quality products has always been SEARO’s priority. SEARO ensure high quality products by conducting strict quality control. We perform tests on width, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, flatness, straightness, etc. In addition to our products, SEARO also conduct strict quality checks on raw materials. The testing is done by various advanced equipment such as Tensile Testing Machine, etc. Our management will randomly inspect quality of products and raw materials. SEARO is confident in our products.

    Made in Taiwan

    It is SEARO’s greatest honor as Taiwanese to declare that our PET strap is “Made in Taiwan”.

    SEARO PACKAGING upholds the principles of honesty, sincerity, and down to earth. We believe that only by insisting on these principles can a corporation survive in the long run.

    Research and Development

    SEARO has an energetic and innovative team. In the field of PET strapping, SEARO has experiences of more than a decade. SEARO is expert not only in producing PET strap, but also in manufacturing production line.

    Since year 2000, SEARO has kept improving our equipment, including automatic materials conveying system, microprocessor temperature technology, filtering rationing feeder, on-line visco sensor, etc. We improve our equipment in order to produce products of low price and high quality. That’s why SEARO has become the largest manufacturer in Taiwan.


    PET strap is currently the most popular alternative to steel and  PP band , and also the new environmental friendly packaging materials.

    Now widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton and other industries


    Company information

    SEARO PACKAGING is the leading company in the field of manufacturing polyester (PET) strap in Taiwan. We have experiences of over a decade and are proud to provide excellent and stable quality PET strap. Our PET strap occupy 70% of Taiwanese market share and have been exported to America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Italy, countries in Middle East and Southern East Asia, etc.

    As a reliable manufacturer and supplier, SEARO PACKAGING insists the management concepts as follow:

    Systematic Quality Control:
    We test every PET strap roll in terms of width, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, flatness, straightness, and splitting. With the strict quality control, customers will trust us and will be satisfied with our products.

    Professional Technician Team:
    Our professional engineers and technicians would provide custom made and OEM service.

    Automated Production Line:
    The entire production process is automated control. And also we have high-tech and innovative production technology. These mean that we can reduce our labor cost which makes us more competitive in price.

    Made in Taiwan:
    It is our greatest honor as Taiwanese to declare that our PET strap is “Made in Taiwan”.

    SEARO PACKAGING upholds the principles of honesty, sincerity, and down to earth. We believe that only by insisting on these principles can a corporation survive in the long run.


    Our service

    1. Free Sample rolling by hand for testing and checking


    2. Carton design

    3. Many kinds strapping tools and steel clips for to match PET strap

    Packing and shipping

    1.Stretch film wrapped or carton packed.

    2.Pack with/without pallets

    3.Pallet size 114mm x 114mm, height is 220m-226m




    Product Certification

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:5 Metric Ton/Metric Tons


    • SEARO load container